3 Important Reasons to Get Tested for STDs

testedWhether you are from Long Island, New York or Tampa, Florida, sexually transmitted diseases are no joke. Unfortunately, most of them can infiltrate your body without providing obvious and clear-cut symptoms. A full 19 million new STD cases are registered each year,  and it is much better to be safe than sorry by getting tested for STDs yourself. The idea of tampa STD testing carries a stigma, but it shouldn’t. It’s a prudent and important choice to make, not just for your own health, but for your sexual partners as well.

STDs Don’t Discriminate

Sexually transmitted diseases don’t care if you make a lot of money or have an impressive college degree. They also don’t care about your age, race, or body type. As long as you are sexually active, you are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Long Island STD testing is the wise choice because it only requires your blood, urine, or cell samples to identify exactly what disease you have and how it can be treated.

Condoms Don’t Protect Against All STDs

Condoms are designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they cannot and do not protect against all STDs. Herpes, for example, is passed through direct contact with an infected area. Since many STDs are subtle, you cannot simply look at your partner or date and assume that he or she is free of STDs. Any sexual activity puts you at risk, and only testing can reveal if a previous partner did pass along an STD to you.

Undiagnosed STDs Can Destroy Your Quality of Life

More than anything else, you deserve the knowledge of any STDs in your system due to the severe potential health ramifications of living with an untreated STD. Even if you don’t have symptoms, an STD can increase your risk of other diseases and eventually even lead to your death.

Chlamydia, for example, is the most commonly reported STD in America, yet 50 percent of men exhibit no symptoms at all. If you are diagnosed with this STD, a simple antibiotic treatment will cure it! However, if ignored and left untreated, chlamydia causes an increased risk of HIV, infertility, miscarriage, and preterm labor in women. Even worse, the disease can impact newborn babies by causing lung infections, conjunctivitis, and other complications.

Gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and HIV all have equally as awful results when left untreated, yet they all are easy to control or cure with medication. So why wait to be tested and risk ruining your life?


Summertime is the Perfect Time for a ViPeel

Summer has a way of invigorating everything, from the trees and flowers outside right down to your wardrobe. So it only makes sense that summertime is also the season that you want your skin to feel refreshed and revived, not flat and dull. If you’re feeling frustrated by unwanted signs of aging or skin imperfections like pigmentation and large pores, then the ViPeel tampa face peels could be the solution you need to jump into summer without any hesitations.

What is the ViPeel?
The ViPeel is a chemical peel, meaning it spreads a specific combination of chemicals on your face to force old, dull, and damaged skin cells to shed and make way for the healthier, younger skin underneath. Dr. Anne Hermann, doctor at Tampa medical spa Hermann Wellness, advised the following benefits of peels. The chemicals used in the ViPeel include trichloroacetic acid, Retin-A, salicylic acid, phenol, and Vitamin C. Each of these ingredients has a specific purpose and work together to help your skin look younger and more radiant.

The Benefits of the ViPeel
VI-Peel-resultsViPeel’s chemical composition is specially formulated to battle the aging process that causes your skin to become pigmented, lax, and rough.

The ingredients combine to create a powerful facial rejuvenation. The Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) penetrates deep down into the skin to target scars and stimulate collagen growth. This is critical since an abundance of collagen helps the skin heal and renew. Retin-A, meanwhile, is an acid derived from vitamin A, and it is famous for its ability to fight wrinkles. Salicylic Acid is an exfoliant to pull out the bacteria clogging your pores, while vitamin C supplements the Salicylic Acid with antioxidant power. This peel is a true one-two punch to everything that causes aging skin.

Believe it or not, the ViPeel sets itself apart because it provides all these dramatic results in only seven days, and the process is virtually painless! WIth just one simple procedure and a week’s worth of patience, you can treat hyperpigmentation, reverse sun damage, improve your skin tone and texture, reduce acne scars, clear existing acne, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Do you know any other single treatment that can deliver so many results at once, without pain or significant downtime?

When you head in for a ViPeel, you can expect slight stinging, but nothing unbearable similar to tampa laser hair removal treatments. Your skin will begin to peel after a few days, so you will want to keep it hydrated and moisturized with the appropriate ViPeel products. After seven days, the peeling will be completed and your skin will look brand new. All of those signs of aging will have disappeared with your old skin, and you will be ready to embrace your new enhanced appearance.

The Risks And Cost of Orthopedic Surgery

You may be a candidate for orthopedic surgery if you suffer from hip dislocation, broken elbow, knee injury or rotator cuff. It may also be necessary if you experience pain or numbness that persist or worsens by any physical activity. This surgery deals with the correction of injuries or disorders of the musculoskeletal systems and its attachments-bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, peripheral nerves, tendons and connective tissue.

Some of the popular Englewood orthopedic surgeon operations include arthroscopic surgery of the knee, replacement of knee, hip replacement, partial replacement of knee, spine surgery, carpal tunnel release, shoulder surgery, back surgery and repair of fractures in foot, hand and ankle.

Nowadays, a majority of orthopedics operations are normally performed arthroscopically whereby an orthopedic surgeon makes only a small incision and uses delicate instruments to make the repairs.

This surgery is a necessary evil. It can be an ideal answer to fractures, injuries and dislocations that arise in the skeleton but it has its own setbacks. There are risks of infection, excessive bleeding and allergic reaction to anesthesia. Some of the risks that are associated with this surgery include:

1. Surgical wound infection

2. Inflammation at the site where foreign objects for example pins, wires which are implanted inside the body.

3. Damage to nerves

4. Damage to spinal cord

There are problems that come as a result of undertaking that surgery which include redness, swelling, persistent pain, drainage or bleeding and infection in the surgical area. Sometimes these problems lead to slow healing and incomplete restoration of pre-surgical function. If you need surgery, consulting with a Lakewood ranch knee surgeon specialist is key.

This is the reason why you need to consult a professional to perform the surgery. He or she should be highly skilled and well experienced.

The cost of this surgery and treatment is not homogeneous. It vary from one country to another. Some clinics will charge you more, others will charge you less. Factors like the reputation of the surgeon of your choice and the type of surgery your choice affect the price. In addition, the experience of the surgeon determines the charges.

In countries like Thailand, India and Mexico this surgery is relatively cheap. It is advisable to visit these countries for this surgery. For a successful surgery, an individual’s willingness to comply with rehabilitative therapy post-surgery is also important. In summary, those are the risks and the cost of orthopedic surgery in Northport, Fl.

Root Canal Treatments Explained In-Detail

Root Canals are the pulp filled cavity in the root of a Human’s tooth. A Root Canal is also used to refer to the treatment used to repair a tooth that is severely infected. In order to understand the Treatment, it is essential that one understands the anatomy of a Human Tooth. Below the White Enamel of the tooth is a soft tissue called the Pulp. The Pulp is the part of the tooth where blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues of the tooth are located. The Root Canal Treatment is a form of Endodontic Treatment  as detailed by the AAE. This is a treatment that deals with the inside of a tooth. Endodontic Treatments are necessary when the pulp is infected and inflamed.

During the treatment, the infected and inflamed pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. The Pulp is now replaced with a Rubber-like Material called Gutta-Percha. Once this is in place, the Tooth is restored with a filling or Crown for Protection. Modern Treatment Procedures are usually completed in two visits to the St. Petersburg Dentist or tampa Endodontist.

When the Pulp is damaged, it breaks down and becomes fertile ground for Bacteria Growth. If the removal of the Pulp is delayed, the tooth will become abscessed as a result of bacteria growth. If a tooth becomes, abscessed, the resulting swelling may affect the entire mouth and spread to other parts of the Face and Neck.

There are certain signs that indicate that a Person may need a Root Canal Treatment in Tampa, Florida.. They include:
1. Severe Tooth Ache upon chewing.
2. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures of food or drink.
3. Discoloration of the Pulp.
4. Swelling of Pulp.

Saving the Tooth with this Procedure has several benefits which includes, Efficient Chewing, Normal sensation in the tooth and normal appearance of tooth. The biggest advantage of the treatment is that it ensures that there are no further complications.

Performing Root Canals – What You Need To Know

Your teeth may fall prey to various problems. It could be a crack in your tooth, decay in the form of an advanced cavity or even multiple dental procedures. Root canals are required for all of these. Fortunately it isn’t a difficult or even a long procedure. Added to this, the process is as pain free as a simple filling. This is due to the advancements in technology. But if you are opting for it, it is best to be well informed.

root canal treatment

You eat and chew. Your teeth are the gateway to life as you know it. A life without teeth would mean saying goodbye to all those tasty treats that make your mouth water. There was a time when a damaged or chipped tooth was simply pulled out. There was a time when there was no way to save a tooth from decay. But simply removing a tooth can put great stress on the other teeth. This would ultimately lead to more teeth problems.

Fortunately today, with the advancements in technology and medicine, newer procedures have come about. The process at one time was synonymous with horror and pain. But as the technology and procedure used were improved, there was a reduction in the pain involved. Today the procedure is almost as good as a simple filling. If done properly, it can cause minimal pain.

It is meant to remove the inflamed, infected or dead pulp. The tooth contains pulp in its center. It is underneath the enamel and the dentin. It is a soft tissue and can be inflamed by a crack in the tooth or infected by a cavity. In such a case, it can be extremely painful.

The procedure procedure is performed with the use of advanced technology, as is the case in most modern dental clinics. It is performed by creating a small opening in the tooth’s back (if it is one of the front teeth) or in its crown (if it is a molar or a premolar). Through this, a lumpectomy is performed wherein the infected or dead pulp is removed. After this, the pulp chamber and the canal canal are carefully disinfected and shaped.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Who doesn’t want a pearly white smile?

The best way to keep your teeth white is to brush them – a lot. But if you forget to brush after every cup of coffee, here are some natural alternatives to teeth whitening that won’t land you in a dentist chair.


Results of brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar can take up to a month to be noticeable but many swear by it. By brushing with apple cider vinegar twice daily, your teeth could look like they were professionally cleaned. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water afterward so the acid does not harm the enamel on your teeth.


It seems weird, but try mixing baking soda with powder charcoal to gently brush your teeth. Use this method daily for best results.


Hydrogen peroxide is a popular whitening ingredient that is found in most over-the-counter products. For just a fraction of the price, you can make your own whitening system by mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Later brush your teeth again as normal. Do not do this excessively as these products are known to irritate the gums with frequent use.


Before you go to bed, rub orange peel on your teeth. You have to do this for a few weeks to start seeing results. The Vitamin C in the peel will break down micro-organisms that cause yellowing. You can use strawberries for the same effect. Grind them down into a paste and mix with a bit of baking soda. Let it sit for a minute then brush your teeth as normal.


Believe it or not, lemons have a bleaching property that can be effective at whitening teeth chemical-free. Twice daily for two or three weeks, mix a few lemon drops with salt and rub over your teeth. Rinse with warm water.

And there you have it — natural teeth whitening that will save you a dentist visit and a whole lot of cash! I think I will start out trying the apple cider vinegar method tonight. If you decide to try any of these methods yourself, please let me know how well they work.

Achieving The Perfect Smile

We know a smile can brighten your day and attract new friends. However, not everyone is likely to enjoy giving a smile; not because they are sick, but their teeth won’t allow them. People who have stained or brown teeth won’t always give you a smile. These are the people who should seek the teeth whitening services from a dentist or a professional in this field and have the restoration of their natural teeth color. The process involves the removal of surface stains from the teeth and sometimes referred to as tooth bleaching.

Teeth whitening aims at making your teeth lighter in color, but you won’t get guaranteed of getting them brilliant white. Although some beauty salons offer these services, it’s practically illegal when there’s no dentist or a professional dental present. The practice should only be done by a dentist or a dental professional on the prescription of a dentist so as to prevent having any oral health risk. Although there are some kits that you can purchase so as to whiten your teeth at home, this also comes with its risks

So as to have the natural teeth shade whitened, you will need some bleaching. The procedure mainly gets done in cosmetic dentistry where you use various forms of techniques like bleaching gel, strips, pen as well as laser tooth whitening. Most dentists will use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and hence the need to have the work done by a professional. You might end up having some side effects like irritation of the gums and increased teeth sensitivity.

So, in case you were always feeling shy or embarrassed to offer a smile, you need not worry anymore. You need to visit a dentist st. petersburg to have them whitened, and you will have the natural color restored. Teeth staining happens from many drinks and foods like coffee, blackcurrant, tea, red wine and smoking. A professional dentist should only do the removal of calculus.